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Information and communication system user charter

This document concerns the use of the digital resources of the École polytechnique, as well as any external digital resources that may be accessed from the École polytechnique: data, software, materials, user names, domain names, internal or external third-party computer systems and subject to the provisions set out by these organisations.
It applies :
- to the staff paid by the École polytechnique (including paid and unpaid interns);
- to the staff not paid by the École polytechnique, who work or are hosted on the premises;
- to the students (engineering school, Bachelor, Graduate Degree, Master's, PhD students and other learners);
- and generally, to any legal or natural person present on the site of the École polytechnique for any reason (visitors, position candidates, workers, unregistered students, staff from external organisations, service providers, guests, volunteers, members of associations, etc.).
The role and responsibility of all users with regard to the use he makes of the information system of the Ecole polytechnique is described.
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