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Publication of the report: “Comparison of the Chinese, European and American regulatory frameworks for the transition to a decarbonized road mobility”

The electrification of mobility goes far beyond the mere conversion of thermal to electric powertrains and covers the entire lifecycle of a Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV). This is a very complex transition and a systemic innovation which involves the automotive industry and related sectors such as mining, chemicals, electric powertrain and battery pack manufacturing, energy, battery waste collection and recycling.
Through a comparative analysis – across all key stages of the EV lifecycle – of Chinese, European, and U.S. regulations that promote the transition to decarbonized road mobility, and an assessment of the dynamics of their respective industries in implementing these regulations, this report has four main objectives:

  • Provide a clear and objective assessment of the current situation of the Chinese, European and American automotive industries. 
  • Identify the reasons that led to this situation and to draw lessons from them. 
  • Summarize how European and US industries, involved in the transition to the electric mobility, have positioned themselves. 
  • Summarizes the threats facing the European automotive industry during this crucial transition for its future. 

Lastly, this report formulates general guidelines for achieving decarbonization targets and restoring the competitiveness of the automotive industry so important for the economy in Europe.

Download full report.