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Current PhD subjects

Impacts et création de valeurs du design pour l'entreprise.

By Alauze Mélissa, supervised by Paris Thomas

Technological breakthrough and manufacturing strategies dynamics : case of Electric Vehicle.

By Alochet Marc, supervised by Christophe Midler

La gestion des risques naturels : les technologies de l'assurance peuvent-elles contribuer à renforcer les réponses sociétales confrontées aux catastrophes naturelles ?

By Anisimov Ariadna, supervised by Alain Jeunemaitre

Impact of innovative management practices on the dynamics of cooperation and co-creation in a business ecosystem. The case of Becker&Nollet Partners.

By Battistelli Matthieu, supervised by Steyer Véronique and Raulet-Croset Nathalie

Climate and finance, from responsible investment to risk management.

Par Bouchet Vincent, dirigé par Mottis Nicolas et Patricia Crifo

Changes in models, industrial recomposition and new regulatory challenges in the music ecosystem.

By Charbonnier Robin, supervised by Thomas Paris

Incumbent Financial Institutions facing disruptive players: the case of Fintechs.

By Chelbi Olfa, supervised by Thierry Rayna

How to combine industrial excellence with nuclear safety: the example of nuclear fuel recycling plants?

By Gorgues Vincent, supervised by Christophe Midler

Resource constraints, Innovation and organizational transformation of a large service company : The Air France case.

By Grall Margaux, supervised by Florence Charue-Duboc.

The dynamics of openness of the innovation ecosystem in the European defense industry.

By Langlois Jonathan, supervised by Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini

Managing Mega technological projects: The case of the defense industry and Network Centric Warfare projects.

By Löfgren Lars, supervised by Hervé Dumez

Open Online Problem Solving.

By Mano Mattias, supervised by Jean-Michel Dalle

La participation des personnes en situation de handicap aux processus d'innovation.

By Peyrard Estelle, supervised by Thierry Rayna and Cécile Chamaret

The weight of distribution as a determinant of the innovative capability of an industry: the case of the movie industry.

By Poinsignon Pierre, supervised by Paris Thomas

Generating agility and innovation in a great company which is structured by systematic design processes.

By Remondeau Estelle, supervised by Christophe Midler and Sylvain Lenfle

Individual and collective strategies of the firms in the renewable energy sector.

By Renou Sandra, supervised by Hervé Dumez

The transformation of a French mutual insurance company (MAIF) into an Experience Company : Design & Organization.

By Sahakian Julie, supervised by Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini

The Development of Electric Mobility System in Indian cities in the next 10 years.

By Sawamura Haruki, supervised by Hervé Dumez

Managing collective action: the case of space debris.

By Toussaint Camille, supervised by Hervé Dumez