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Master PIC

This master is jointly accredited by the Ecole Polytechnique, Mines ParisTech, HEC and Télécom ParisTech. It is produced in partnership with the University of Paris Dauphine and is supported by the chair Innovation Management (IM-X)

PIC is a master level degree program (M2) devoted to training in innovative project management in companies. The general purpose of this training is to introduce master students to new strategic models of competition in innovation. This includes evaluating the organization of the innovative firm and methodologies of creative design. The Master is built around the ‘Project Search PIC’ in which students engage in a research project within a company from the beginning to end of the course. This alternating modes of training and teaching mobilizes concepts under conditions of real innovation in companies with quality support through tutoring, each student is assigned 1 teacher-researcher and 1 business executive.

Through its various components and its original identity, the Master PIC is both:

  • General, as its main theme concerns all sectors and most of the roles that engineers are required to hold in companies.
  • Specialized as it prolongs and deepens the issue of innovation issues and theories in economics, management and engineering.
  • Professionalized - its pedagogy is based on the actual implementation of a project in a business situation.

It enjoys a strong reputation among different business partners (over twenty partners currently) and with the academic world.

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Christophe Midler


Angelique Rasiah

How to APPLy

Usually, the registration session is from November 15 to January 15 for a start of the school year in april (for M1 + M2) or in the following September (for M2 only).

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