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Haïm Korsia PhD defense

Le suicide dans les armées. Gérer un non-dit.

Thesis to be defended on the 18th of december at 2:00pm in Amphi Carnot at École polytechnique, Palaiseau.


The aim of this thesis is to define what suicide means in the military world, to understand how it is a management fact in the armed forces and why it is better to express a matter in order to be able to implement a genuine prevention policy. The taboo of this unspoken issue in the armed forces is unconsciously explained by the fact that each suicide of a soldier is in contradiction with the arms’ brotherhood claimed by the army as its base.

Keywords: Suicid; army; fraternity; performance.


Eric GODELIER Professeur, École polytechnique Directeur de thèse
Albert DAVID Professeur, Université Paris-Dauphine Rapporteur
Anne-Sophie AVé DRH du ministère de la Défense Examinateur
Patrick CLERVOY Professeur, Hopital militaire de Toulon Rapporteur
Sandra CHARREIRE-PETIT Directrice de l’école doctorale Paris Saclay - Paris Sud Examinateur