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The young elites face the work of Anne-Sophie Dubey and Sonia Bellit

Great Resignation in the United States, increased recruitment difficulties in France or quiet quitting and protests against big business in the grandes écoles (e.g., HEC Paris, AgroParisTech): all of these phenomena point to a feeling of fed upness on the part of employees, especially the younger generations. In fact, many media outlets are reporting on a "quest for meaning" at work, which is reflected in new demands on the employer (especially in terms of environmental and societal commitment), and in the search for a better work-life balance.

Since the literature shows marked differences linked to social class and level of education, this paper proposes to add a first piece to the puzzle by focusing on the expectations of young people from higher social classes. It is based on original empirical material, which crosses the views of 20 alumni from the École Polytechnique and Harvard University respectively, to better identify what makes graduates of grandes écoles unique or not in their relationship to work.

This book is intended for business leaders, public decision-makers and researchers who want to better understand the relationship between the younger generations and work.

Anne-Sophie Dubey is a doctoral student in management science at the Ecole Polytechnique and a researcher at La Fabrique de l'industrie. Her thesis focuses on contemporary forms of autonomy in organizations (including the liberated enterprise).

Sonia Bellit is a PhD in economics and project manager at La Fabrique de l'industrie. Her work focuses on industrial policies, industry 4.0 and disruptive innovations.

With the participation of Elie Saad and Adib Alhachem