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Managing a metaproblem: Space debris


Toussaint Camille et DUMEZ Hervé (2020) “Gérer un méta-problème, le cas des débris spatiaux”, Gérer et Comprendre, n° 141 (septembre), pp.3-12.



Given the drafting of new plans for Moon or Mars, and the growth of the market for satellites, both private and military, the space industry is booming. However the exponential increase in the quantity of trash in orbit around Earth jeoparizes its growth - a situation typical of what has been called a metaproblem, wich requires coordination among many different actors. The problem of space debris has three interdependent momentums, each reguiring different forms of action: contain the present situation to keep it from deteriorating; stimulate the invention of solutions for the future; and clean up existing debris to eliminate this heritage from the past. Foor ways to settle this problem are identified with the help of scenario planning (Schoemaker, 1995; Wiebe et al.,2018), each taking account of the variety of actors (public and private) and of possible forms of coordination (market and regulations).


Metaproblem, coordination, management scenarios, market, regulation, space debris