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EURAM 2016 : call for papers

Organizing collective action: meta, partial and temporary organizations (T 01. 08)

When we think of organization, what comes to mind is the idea of classical forms of organizations : a firm, a hospital, an association. But the world of organizations is far more diverse. What about metaorganizations (organizations whose members are other organizations), partial organizations (clubs, etc.) or transitory organizations (which are often also partial)?

This will be the topic of a track in EURAM-Paris in 2016 (T 01_08 Organizing collective action: meta, partial and temporary organizations).

We invite you to join the reflexion on unclassical forms of organizations. We particularly welcome case studies with theoretical positioning and implications.

Nils Brunsson, Hervé Dumez, Christina Garsten & Héloïse Berkowitz

Deadline for submission : 2016, January, 12th, more information here