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The LMS is a Joint Research Unit (UMR) under the supervision of École Polytechnique and CNRS and also includes an INRIA research team (M3DISIM). The research at the Laboratory of Solid Mechanics (LMS), created in 1961 by Professor Jean Mandel, integrates traditionally experiments, mathematical and numerical modeling of the mechanical and multiphysics behavior of materials and structures over a broad range of spatial and temporal scales. It has recently evolved to include the modelling of living tissues and organs. The laboratory contains custom-made and commercial experimental facilities as well various computational tools. Robust and precise models combined with state-of-the-art experiments are developed in-house allowing to bridge the gap of material length scales including coupling with other physical fields such as thermal, magnetic, electric and chemical ones.

The research emphasis is on the fundamental and applied analysis of the mechanics of materials and structures, with a view toward the future: advanced and reliable structural and functional materials, additive manufacturing, biomedical engineering (e.g., virtual heart modeling, magnetoelastic soft robots), aerospace industry (e.g., additively manufacturing repair of aeroengines), energy industry (e.g., photovoltaics, oil-rigs, carbon nanotube based sensors and automotive industry (e.g., electro-magnetic motors, mechanical and dynamic stability).