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  • Contact us : lms@lms.polytechnique.fr

  • École Polytechnique and Arkema join forces to create an International Chair in Education and Research dedicated to innovative materials

  • PLATINE : multi-platform requests for in-situ evaluation of the reliability of nanodevices (https://portail.polytechnique.edu/platine) Laurence Bodelot - LMS & Bérengère Lebental - LPICM

  • The new 3D printing techniques or additive manufacturing are at the heart of the issues of the factories of the future. To Polytechnique and ENSTA , the implementation of an additive manufacturing center allows to be an actor of research at the h...


Jean Mandel Symposium 2019, June 20th
Seminar April 2019, 18 : Jean-Philippe AVOUAC (CalTech)
Seminar April 2019, 15 : Antonio DE SIMONE (SISSA, Italy)


Daniel Weisz-Patrault receives a prize from the European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Earthquakes in Slow Motion
Jean Mandel 2019 Award


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