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Technical platforms

The LMS research field covers the continuum mechanics through 4 poles (Material behavior and multiscale analysis - Behavior and durability of structures - Multidisciplinary problems and mechanics of living systems - MEDISEM Team) supported by 3 technical platforms (Static and dynamic mechanical testing - Microscopy, field measurement and analysis - Modeling and calculations).

Modeling and calculations facility brings together all the IT resources (infrastructure, hardware, software) necessary for experiments, calculations and modeling of mechanics and materials science as well as the personal (computer engineer, researcher) responsible for their maintenance and their développement. Read more...


Contact : Abdelfattah Halim

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Static and dynamic mechanical testing

Static and dynamic mechanical testing platfom includes all of the ways in LMS to develop original test beds in full (mechanical design, measurement, control and data processing), or by integrating pre-existing equipment, to meet the complex testing needs of different research areas of laboratoire. Read more...

Contact: Vincent De Greef

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Microscopy, field measurement and analysis

The platform MiMeCA (Microscopy, Field measurements and Analysis) includes all the methods to study the mechanical behavior of materials at the scale of their microstructure. Engineers with complementary skills develop tools and train students and researchers in optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, sample surface preparation, chemical analysis, crystallographic analysis, lithography, the correlation of digital images, acoustic emission and crystal plasticity. Read more...

Contact: Alexandre Tanguy

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Design & Manufacture - Additive manufacturing Center

Conception et réalisation des ensembles mécaniques pour soutenir les activités expérimentales du laboratoire et développement des  montages expérimentaux pour les essais mécaniques en statique ou dynamique. . Read more...

Contact: Pascal Marie

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