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Innovation & Regulation Chair of Digital Services (IRSN)

Since 2007, Ecole Polytechnique, Telecom ParisTech and Orange have joined forces to create a Chair in Education and Research on the theme "Innovation and Regulation of Digital Services". The objective is to contribute to the development and the animation of a theoretical reflection on the creation, production, development and consumption of immaterial services in the information technology sector and communication. Particular attention is made to the dynamics of innovation, principles and regulatory tools and their economic impact in the medium and long term.

The research and teaching program offered covers the following areas of work:

  • Understand and anticipate restructuring value chains
  • Understand and anticipate changes in demand
  • Analyze the modes of regulation in transforming markets 
  •  Assess institutional steering modes

On these issues, the Chair provides specific lessons to train practitioners and professionals dealing with issues of the economy and regulation of the digital economy. In particular, the Chair offers a Master Course, the  Master IREN.

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