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Validation of a neural integrator circuit through correlated light and electron microscopy (Oct 5th 2023)

Oct 5th 2023, 14:00

Jonathan BOULANGER-WEILL, Institut de la Vision, Paris

Lieu :   Amphithéatre Carnot,  Ecole Polytechnique         

Integrating information over long-time scales is a critical component of most circuit computations in the brain across species. However, it remains poorly understood how such dynamics are implemented mechanistically. One idea is that slow time constants are implemented via recurrent connectivity of balanced excitation and inhibition. Dissecting such neural circuits requires precise knowledge of functional neural properties and correlating dynamics with the underlying wiring diagram, ideally, within the same individual animal (neurotransmitter identity, anatomy, and connectivity).
To address this issue, we have developed a visual motion integration task in larval zebrafish and tools to combine functional calcium imaging with ultrastructural circuit reconstruction. We have recently complemented this approach involving an existing whole-brain connectomics resource as well as targeted fluorescent labeling of functionally identified neuronal response types. Our results will allow us to rapidly validate and constrain existing network models, and add resolution and confidence to previously proposed circuit arrangements at a reduced cost.


Contact :    Emmanuel Beaurepaire
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