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Microscopies avancées & physiologie des tissus

Ongoing advances in optical imaging open novel possibilities for studying intact biological tissues with subcellular resolution. We develop experimental strategies for removing bottlenecks in experimental systems biology based on our expertise in nonlinear optics, tissue microscopy, image analysis, cell/developmental biology, and biophysics. Our activity consists of two complementary aspects (i) microscopy methods development including proof-of-principle studies, and (ii) studying embryonic development and tissue function using multidisciplinary approaches.

Methods: biophotonics, multiphoton microscopy, light-sheet, 2PEF, 3PEF, SHG, THG, FLIM, CARS, SIM, polarization, laser ablation, terahertz. Topics: embryogenesis, neurodevelopment, collagen, heart, cornea, extracellular matrix. Models: zebrafish, drosophila, mouse (ex vivo), tissue biopsies, cell cultures. 


Tenured scientists & engineers
Emmanuel Beaurepaire (CNRS DR)
Anatole Chessel (EP Asst Prof)
Nicolas David (CNRS CR)
Guilhem Gallot (CNRS DR)
• Gaël Latour (UPSay Asst Prof)
Pierre Mahou (EP IR)
Karsten Plamann (ENSTA PR)
Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein (CNRS DR)
Chiara Stringari (CNRS CR)
Willy Supatto (CNRS CR)

Postdocs and visitors
• Hester Colboc (visitor)
• Sophie Escot (postdoc)
• Vincent Maioli (postdoc)
• Debora Olivier (visitor)
• Minh-Son Phan (postdoc)
• Lien Ung (postdoc)

PhD Students
• Bahar Asadipour (PhD student)
• Hugo Blanc (PhD student)
• Arthur Boutillon (PhD student)
• Seongbin Lim (PhD student)
• Julia Ferrer Ortas (PhD student)
• Clothilde Raoux (PhD student)
• Paul Stroe (PhD student)
• Maëlle Vilbert (PhD student)
• Xiujun Zheng (PhD student)

Technical support
• Xavier Solinas - electronics
• Jean-Marc Sintes - mechanics
• Isabelle Lamarre-Jouenne - biotechnology
• Lucille Mellottee - biotechnology
• Emilie Menant - zebrafish husbandry

Collaborators and AlumniPublications • Work with us 

Advanced microscopies
Second harmonic generation (SHG) in skin and cornea
Multiphoton microscopy of developing tissues
   - Multicolor two-photon microscopy (wavelength mixing, brainbow)
   - Two-photon light sheet microscopy (2P-SPIM)
   - FLIM-based metabolic imaging
   - Deep-tissue 3-photon (3PEF) microscopy
   - Label-free third harmonic generation (THG) microscopy
   - Wavefront control (adaptive optics, Bessel beams)
Polarimetric nonlinear microscopy
Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging
• Large-volume bioimage informatics
• Super-resolution imaging (SIM)
Equipex Morphoscope
Embryonic and organ development
Cilia imaging and left-right symmetry breaking
Live imaging of heart development & regeneration in zebrafish
Cell migration during zebrafish embryo gastrulation
Biomaterials structure and function
• Transparency of the human cornea
Multiphoton characterization of cultural heritage artefacts
Past projects
Tissue micromanipulation and embryo biomechanics
Nonlinear microscopy with broadband ultrashort pulses