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Anatole Chessel

Maitre de Conférences - Ecole polytechnique
Pièce : 84-20 12
Tél :+33 (0) 16933 5014
anatole.chessel at polytechnique.edu
ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-1326-6305


Research interest

Bioimage informatics for large datasets: how do we handle, quantify, visualise and share large image datasets, large either in number of conditions (high throughput/high content imaging) and/or acquisition size (large scale light sheet or block face microscopy). The eventual aim is to integrate them into biological models to unlock the potential of those data in advancing the our understanding of complex biological systems.



2015-present: MdC at Laboratory for Optics and Biosciences, CNRS / INSERM / Ecole Polytechnique, France

2010–2015 Postdoc with Rafael E. Carazo-Salas, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

2007-2010 Postdoc with Charles Kervrann, INRIA Rennes and Jean Salamero, Insitut Curie, Paris

2004-2007 PhD, with Frederic Cao (INRIA) and Ronan Fablet (IFREMER, Telecom Bretagne) at Ifremer, Brest



MODAL (Practical Course) for 2nd year student at Ecole polyetchnique (Cellular imaging for the study of the cytoskeleton)

TREX (Practical Course) in quantitative imaging for 3rd year student at Ecole polyetchnique (Size hometostasis in yeast)

Master 2 IMALIS, ENS Ulm, 'Bioimage informatics for neuroimaging' wthin the 'Optical Microscopy : principles and applications in Neurosciences' module



Selected publications:

Osokin, A., Chessel, A., Carazo, S.R.E. and Vaggi, F., 2017. GANs for Biological Image Synthesis. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2017). IEEE.

Chessel, A., 2017. An Overview of data science uses in bioimage informatics. Methods.

Williams, E., Moore, J., Li, S.W., Rustici, G., Tarkowska, A., Chessel, A., Leo, S., Antal, B., Ferguson, R.K., Sarkans, U., Brazma, A., Carazo Salas, R.E. and Swedlow, J.R. 2017. Image Data Resource: a bioimage data integration and publication platform. Nature Methods, 201, p.7.

Graml, V.*, Studera, X*., Lawson, J.L.*, Chessel, A.*, Geymonat, M., Bortfeld-Miller, M., Walter, T., Wagstaff, L., Piddini, E. and Carazo-Salas, R.E., 2014. A genomic Multiprocess survey of machineries that control and link cell shape, microtubule organization, and cell-cycle progression. Developmental cell, 31(2), pp.227-239.

Chessel, A., Cinquin, B., Bardin, S., Salamero, J. and Kervrann, C., 2009, June. Computational geometry-based scale-space and modal image decomposition: Application to light video-microscopy imaging. In Internationale Conference on Scale Space and Variational Methods (pp. 770-781).


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