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PhD, internships

Master and PhD internship proposals are generally advertized between October and March.
For inquiries about the current possibilities, you can also contact LOB scientists.

Master's internships 2024:

Biophotonics: In vivo nonlinear optical microscopy of nervous tissue: lipid and metabolism imaging (C. Stringari, E. Beaurepaire)

Computational biology: Quantitative study of the clonal development of the mouse cortex (A. Chessel, E. Beaurepaire, collab J. Livet)

Polarization-resolved second harmonic structural imaging of collagen remodeling (M.C. Schanne-Klein)

Development of a novel fluorescent photoswitchable protein for nanoscopy/Développement pour la nanoscopie d'une nouvelle protéine fluorescente photocommutable (M. Vos)