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"Music and the Aesthetic Study of Organisational Life” dans Organising Music: Theory, Practice, Performance

Référence du chapitre d'ouvrage :
Strati Antonio (2014) “Music and the Aesthetic Study of Organisational Life”, in Beech Nic & Gilmore Charlotte [eds] Organising Music: Theory, Practice, Performance, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 28-38.

Résumé du livre:

Organisational theorists have become increasingly interested in the creative industries, where practices that are commonplace are of particular interest to organisations in other sectors as they look for new ways to enhance performance. Focusing on the music industry, this book sets up a unique dialogue between leading organisational theorists and music professionals. Part I explores links between organisation theory and the creative industries literature, concentrating on practices of organising and knowledge mobilisation, followed by an in-depth discussion of key theoretical concepts by subject experts. Part II provides a diverse range of 'tales from the field', including examples from classical orchestras, folk, indie and punk. The concluding chapter examines the shared dialogue to reveal what practice in the musical field can learn from organisational theory, and vice versa. This innovative book will interest graduate students and researchers in the fields of organisation studies, music management and the creative industries.