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Conférence finale du projet Racket in the oceans

Underwater noise is a major environmental issue. The Observatory for Responsible Innovation and the Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation is tackling it through "Racket in the Oceans": a series of workshops with major actors and stakeholders, that translates into a large international conference and a policy proposal. The initiative is carried out with the help of an independent working group supervised by Héloïse Berkowitz and Hervé Dumez of the Centre de Recherche en Gestion of the École Polytechnique. Register now to our closing conference at the Maison des Océans in Paris, 20 September 2016!



Full program

Date: Tuesday 20 September 2016

Location: Maison des Océans, 195 rue Saint Jacques, 75006 Paris

Twitter: #RacketInTheOceans

Program at a glance:


8h30-9h00:  Welcome

9h00-9h10:  Introduction

9h10-9h40: Contrasting whale behavioral responses to anthropogenic noise and predator presentations to assess biological significance, Charlotte Curé (Cerema)

9h40-10h50: Discussion panel on “From noise measurement to impact assessment”: Christian Audoly (DCNS), Arthur Finez (Microdb), Nicolas Entrup (Consultant to NRDC & OceanCare), moderator: Eric Baudin (BureauVeritas)

10h50-11h10: Break

11h10-12h30: Discussion panel on “Deploying innovation to mitigate noise in oceans”: Phil Johnston (Seiche), Jesse Spence (NoiseControl), Yohan Weiller (wpd Offshore France), John Campbell (IOGP), moderator: Christian Audoly (DCNS)

12h30-13h30: Lunch break


SESSION: Regulating noise in oceans: experiences and feedbacks


13h30-14h00: How Marine Strategy Framework Directive protect European oceans from under water noise? Lydia Martin-Roumégas (European Commission/DG ENV)

14h00-14h30: Regional management of underwater noise made possible: an achievement of the BIAS project, Thomas Folégot (Quiet-Oceans)

14h30-15h00: Embedded processing technologies for underwater noise monitoring: experience from the German Offshore windfarms, Luc Simon (RTSys)

15h00-15h30: Break

15h30-16h00: The ECHO Program: A port led collaborative initiative working to reduce cumulative noise impacts of commercial vessel activity on an endangered killer whale population, Orla Robinson (Vancouver Harbor)

16h00-16h30: Presentation of the position paper “Racket in the oceans: why underwater noise matters and what we can do about it”, Héloïse Berkowitz & Hervé Dumez (Ecole polytechnique)

16h30-17h00: Open discussion on future steps