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Before assessment of their sensing behavior, the nanosensors are characterized electrically in a probe station in a 4-probe configuration.



The platform has experimental benches simulating real environmental conditions in the laboratory to characterize sensors. This includes mechanical stress, temperature, humidity, pH and different saline solutions.

  1. Multiphysics bench
    - Tensile machine for simple or cyclic loading (± 50 N); 
    - Environmental chamber Dycometal CCKg 40/8p with controlled temperature (-30ºC to +160ºC), relative humidity (10% to 95%) and dew point; 
    - Sourcemeter Keithley 2600B with 3700A relay switching system; 
    - Solar Simulator LCS-100 (1 Sun irradiance with an AM1.5G filter).
  2. Fluidic bench:
    - Thermal bath ThermoScientific A5B with AC200 controller (-5ºC to 100ºC)
    - Odeon-Photopod for physico-chemical and photometric analysis of liquid solutions (pH, conductivity, temperature, Chloride, Chlorine and other)