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FABRICATION (wet processing)

The platform is equipped for the fabrication of nanosensors in a cheap and reproducible way using the inkjet printing technology. It also includes all the tools necessary to prepare and characterize the inks.

  1. Ink preparation
    - Analytical scale Fisherbrand (0.1 mg precision, up to 210 g)
    - Ultrasonic mixer Vibra-Cell 75043
    - Centrifuge Heraeus Megafuge 8R (up to 17850 rpm, 30279 x g, temperature setting from -10°C to +40°C)
  1. Ink characterization:
    FLUIDICAM Rheo Viscosimeter for ink characterization (Viscosity: 0.1-200 000 cP ; Shear rate: 100-105 s-1 ; Temperature: 4-80°C)
    Attension Theta tensiometer for ink characterization (pendant drop and contact angle measurements, heated chamber up to 250°C)
  1. Sensor printing
    - Fujifilm Dimatix DMP-2800 ink-jet printer (inkjet deposition system with drop observation, spot location, and variable printing resolution; User-fillable cartridges: 16 nozzles at 254 μm spacing; PC-controlled operation, including visual monitoring of ink jetting and printed pattern inspection)
  2. Circuits electrodes interconnection
    - Kulicke & Soffa iBond5000 Manual Wire Bonder (wedge and ball bonding of Al wires (20-76 μm) and Au wires (12.7-76 μm) and ribbons (up to 25 x 250 μm), heated substrate up to 250°C)