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Partenariat LinX - Columbia University


Le linX et le Center for Science and Society   at  Columbia University sont lauréats du programme Alliance 2015 pour un projet conjoint de recherche et d'innovation pédagogique :


Objects and Archives in Science, Technology, and Society Studies

Principal investigators:

Pamela Smith, Seth Low Professor of History, Director of the Center for Science and Society at Columbia University

Frédéric Brechenmacher, Professor of history of science and technology, Director of the LinX at École polytechnique


This project aims at the promotion of sustainable links between two newly founded institutions: the Columbia University Center for Science and Society, and the LinX, École polytechnique’s research laboratory in the humanities and social sciences.  It is based on the special collections of both Columbia University and École polytechnique. These collections provide crucial historical sources for research on intertwined developments in science, technology, pedagogy, economy, industry, and politics. Linking these two sets of special collections will raise concrete and specific research for scholars on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This proposal foresees three interrelated stages to the building of this collaboration:

  1. Inventory, assess, and preserve the collections. 
  2. Integration of physical objects and paper archives into graduate and undergraduate teaching.
  3. A workshop, including faculty and graduate students from both institutions, to be held in Fall 2016 in Paris to present and share findings and results of research.