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Research topics

To give an idea of the variety of the research topics picked by the students of the High-energy physics master, here is a list of recent thesis defended by the M2 students at École polytechnique (between parentheses are listed the advisor(s) and the host lab(s)):


- David Adame-Carrillo, Towards extended minimal models in conformal field theory (S. Ribault, CEA/IPhT)
- Marie Bachmayer, Search for the charged lepton flavor violating decay B 0 → K ∗0 τ ± μ ∓ (F. Polci, LPNHE)
- Majdouline Borji, Perturbative renormalization of lattice regularized φ_4^4 theory with flow equations (Ch. Kopper, CPHT)
- Sjoerd Bouma, Decay constants and masses of b quarkonia from N f = 2 Wilson-Clover ensembles (B. Blossier, LPT Orsay)
- Peng Cheng, Geometrical aspects of quantum String and M theory (R. Minasian, CEA/IPhT)
- Alberto Giampaolo, Study of neutron tagging for supernova relic neutrino searches at super-Kamiokande (P. Paganini, LLR)
- Linghua Guo, Optimization of selection for resonant di-higgs analysis in bbγγ final state with the ATLAS experiment (D. Delgove and M. Escalier, LAL)
- Giulia Isabella, Modern S-Matrix Methods for Higher Spin Theories (A. Falkowski, LPT Orsay)
- Robert Knighton, Extended Symmetries of Black Hole Horizons and Soft Hair (A. Puhm, CPHT)
- Jonas Kunath, Inclusive Higgsstrahlung cross section measurements with the new reference sample method (J.-C. Brient, LLR)
- Botao Li, Beyond-Metropolis Markov chains: From the foundations to applications (W. Krauth, LPS ENS)
- Luka Selem, Étude de la polarisation des bosons vecteur dans le canal W Z au LHC avec l’expérience ATLAS (E. Sauvan, LAPP Annecy)
- Guillaume Trojani, Stochastic Gravitational Waves (K. Benakli, LPTHE)


- Rahul Balasubramanian, Charmed mesons in lattice QCD to probe new Higgs bosons (B. Blossier, LPT Orsay)

- Guillaume Falmagne, Study of Bc production in PbPb collisions with CMS (F. Arleo, R. Granier de Cassagnac, LLR)

- Baptiste Faure, Physics of giant star forming regions inside primordial galaxies (F. Bournaud, CEA/SAp)

- Ana Garbayo Peón, Information paradox in flat spacetime and in AdS/CFT (M. Guica, CEA/IPhT)

- Giulio Isacchini, (Machine) learning how the retina encodes visual stimuli (T. Mora, LPS ENS)

- Anastasia Kotsokechagia, Jet pile up optimization and module qualification for the future ATLAS tracker (D. Varouchas, LAL)

- Osmin Lacombe, Fayet-Iliopoulos terms in supergravity and their consequences on supersymmetry breaking and inflation (I. Antoniadis, LPTHE)

- Dung Le Anh, Diffraction in high-energy onium-nucleus scattering and structure of partonic evolution (S. Munier, CPHT)

- Andrew Lifson, NLL Lund-Plane Distributions for Quark- and Gluon-Initiated Jets (G. Soyez, CEA/IPhT)

- Elie Mounzer, Quantum toroidal algebras and their representations (R. Zegers, LPT Orsay)

- Jacques Muller, Airborne inter-calibration of H.E.S.S. telescopes (M. de Naurois, LLR)

- Pablo San Miguel, Betatron radiation in PWFA (S. Corde, LOA)

- Philipp Windischhofer, Bayesian categorization of Higgs boson events in the four-lepton final state with the CMS Experiment at the LHC (R. Salerno, LLR)


- Christina Agapopoulou, Performance Studies for the High Granularity Timing Detector of the ATLAS experiment (N. Markovec, LAL)

- Nadeszda Chernyavskaya, Vector Boson Fusion production of Z and Higgs bosons in dilepton and bb final states with the CMS experiment at LHC (P. Azzurri, R. Salerno, LLR and CERN)

- Giuliano Giacalone, Signature of gluon saturation from di-hadron azimuthal correlations in dilute-dense collisions in the ITMD factorization framework (C. Marquet, CPHT)

- Bianka Mecaj, The large next-to-leading order electroweak correction to ee -> tt (E. Kou, LAL)

- Jonas Rembser, Studies of Pileup Extrapolation at the CMS-High Granularity Calorimeter at Trigger Level (J.B. Sauvan, LLR)

- Jeong Yeon Yook, Loop calculations in the Standard Model effective field theory (A. Falkowski, LPT)


- Dominic Beck, Delensing for CosmicMicrowave Background B-Mode Polarization Measurements (R. Stompor, J. Errard, APC)

- Chris Beekman, Positron Acceleration using Plasma Wake fields (Sébastien Corde, SLAC and LOA)

- Yifan Chen, Two goldstinos couplings in the non-linear MSSM (Emilian Dudas, CPHT)

- Andrea Dei, The quantum structure of black holes (Iosif Bena, IPhT)

- Saunak Dutta, Dark Matter: Distributions, candidates, production mechanisms and detections (Geneviève Bélanger, LAPTh Annecy)

- Dongsheng Ge, Kubo Fomulas and Dissipation in Supersymmetric Hydrodynamics (Giuseppe Policastro, LPTENS)

- Joscha Knolle, NMSSM Interplay between LHC and Dark Matter (Sophie Henrot-Versillé, LAL)

- Ioannis Lavdas, Flux Compactications and Superconformal Manifolds (Costas Bachas and Jean Iliopoulos, LPTENS)

- Benoît Rossignol, The radion at LHC: a candidate for the diphoton excess (Grégory Moreau, LPT Orsay)

- Daniele Ruini, Study of the High Granularity Timing Detector with electrons in simulation (Dirk Zerwas, LAL)

- Tim Schneider, Proton minibeam radiation therapy using the pencil beam scanning technique (Annalisa Patriarca, Catherine Nauraye, Institut Curie et Centre de protonthérapie d'Orsay)

- Janeth Valverde, Characterisation of B2 1215+30 at gamma-ray energies with Fermi (Deirdre Horan, LLR)

- Olivier Volcy, Simulation de la production au J-PARC du faisceau de neutrinos de l'expérience T2K (Michel Gonin et Thomas Mueller, LLR)


- Soumangsu Bhusan Chakraborty, Gauged supergravity (Nicholas Malmagyi, LPTHE)

- Oleh Fedkevych, Study of the neutralino annihilation into a pair of gluons within the MSSM framework (Michael Klasen and Karol Kovarik, Münster)

- Kyle Kalutkiewicz, Naturalness Without Colored Partners (Adam Falkowski, LPT Orsay)

- Mariia Kostina, Study of the secondary electrons from wire electrode system of KATRIN main spectrometer (Christian Weinheimer and Jan Behrens, Münster)

- Chrysoula Markou, The coupling of Nonlinear Supersymmetry to Supergravity (Ignatios Antoniadis, LPTHE)

- Kin Mimouni, Precision constraints on BSM dimension-six operators (Adam Falkowski, LPT Orsay)

- Mukharbek Organokov, Calibration of the L1 trigger of the CT5 telescope of the HESS experiment (Jean-Francois Glicenstein, IRFU)

- Thomas Spieker, Search for sgluons at the LHC (Dirk Zerwas, and Sophie Henrot-Versillé, LAL)

- André Govinda Stahl Leitón, Preparation of the measurement of charmonia in 2015 PbPb CMS data (Émilien Chapon and Raphaël Granier de Cassagnac, LLR)