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Colloquium: Sadi Carnot's Legacy

École Polytechnique, 16-18 September 2024, France  

When Sadi Carnot published his "Reflections on the motive power of fire" in 1824, there was no sign that one of the greatest scientific revolutions was about to take place, in a world then dominated by mechanics and optics. Yet, by bringing a conceptual analysis to the practical problem of the steam engine, Sadi Carnot wrote the birth certificate of thermodynamics, and, in particular, its second principle.

Today, thermodynamics has branched out into a multitude of fields and applications, from industrial processes to microscopic systems, and continues to renew our view of science.

Since its origins, thermodynamics has raised as many questions as it has answered.

To celebrate the bicentenary of the "Réflexions", this colloquium aims to bring together members of the thermodynamics community and to invite them to take a critical look at modern thermodynamics and the open questions it raises. The colloquium will be structured around pedagogical presentations introducing the various fields of the discipline. Poster sessions will allow participants to share their work. 

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The Colloquium Sadi Carnot's Legacy is supported by the Société Française de Génie des Procédés (SFGP), Académie des sciences, École Polytechnique, Centre interdisciplinaire Energy For Climate (E4C) and Société Française de Thermique