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Education program

The aim of the teaching program in physics is fourfold: 
1. Provide a basic scientific culture to all of our students. 
2. Get them acquainted with experimentation and research in physics 
3. Prepare those interested to graduate studies in pure and applied physics 
4. Show that actual or foreseeable achievements in various branches of technology are linked to recent progres in pure and applied physics. 

The teaching program consists of two cycles. The first one, during the first two years, provides an introduction to the great theories and methods at the basis of modern physics: quantum mechanics, statistical physics, relativity and variational principles, and modern applications of electromagnetism, as well as to the most straightforward applications of those theories. It also comprises experimental tutorials introducing to a large number of domains of physics, electronics and material science. Finally it implies tutorial assistance for the scientific projects worked out by small groups (about 6) of students in the domain physics and electronics. 

The second cycle starts in the third year which consists of two trimestrial sessions of courses and a research internship. 
The courses introduce to many of the important domains of modern physics and its industrial applications. They are also part of the first years' master program (M1) of Ecole polytechnique which is open to candidates willing to join the program at this stage. 
The third year at the same time provides the prerequisites necessary for the more advanced and specialised courses of the fourth year (M2) which are offered by Ecole polytechnique and its partner institutions. Students can also accomplish the last year of their studies at one of the numerous French Ecoles d'ingenieurs or abroad.