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  • International collaborations

  • The activities of the NanoSil group can be tracked back to the origin of LPICM, motivated by the production of hydrogenated amorphous silicon by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and its application to PIN solar cells.

  • OLAE Printed organic and large area devices have numerous advantages such as low cost of production, ease of design, light-weight deploy- ment, and exibility.

  • NANOMADE NanoMaDe’s research topics cover the synthesis of nanomaterials and the development of innovative nanodevices for electronics, en- ergy, health, and environmental applications.

  • AOP

    Polarimetry and its applications & Near- eld Raman spectroscopy


  • 10 December
    Thesis Defence : Thomas Sanghyuk Yoo; Application of a Multimodal Polarimetric Imager to Study the Polarimetric Response ofScattering Media and Microstructures
  • 12 December
    Seminar of Anna Shirinskaya : From wine to cancer: How to make a universal sensing device
  • 14 December
    Seminar of Prof John Dudley from Université de Franche-Comté : SPIE/OSA/SFO Student Chapter Invited Talk: Surviving in Science: what they don’t tell you about careers in research!

Presentations & posters

Recent presentations & posters