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LPICM history

Starting from a pioneer group of 19 persons in 1986 woring in silicon thin films for photovoltaic applications, over the years LPICM has experienced a strong and continuous growth as shown below :

  • 1986 : 19 people
  • 1999 : 31 people
  • 2003 : 56 people (27 permanent)
  • 2007 : 84 people (29 permanent)
  • 2013 : 98 people (44 permanent)

This increase in the number of people has been associated to important changes in LPICM activities:

  • 2000 : The « Gamais » team (6 permanents) from Optique Quantique Laboratory join LPICM.
  • 2003 : Foundation of the Joint Research Team NANOCARB with Thales TRT, directed by Didier Pribat and focusing on carbon nanotubes and their applications.
  • 2007 : Foundation of the Joint Research Team ORGATECH with CEA-DRT-LITEN, directed by Yvan Bonnassieux and focusing on organic electronics.
  • 2009 : Foundation of the Joint Research Team NanoPV with TOTAL, directed by Pere Roca i Cabarrocas and focusing on solar energy materials and solar cells.
  • 2011 : Foundation of the Joint Research Team NACRE with IFSTTAR, focusing on Nano sensors.
  • 2011: Chaire Total on renewable energies and chaire PSA “André Citroen” on nanosensors.
  • 2011: Launching the International Master Programme REST “Renewable Energies Science and Technology”.
  • 2012 : The Photovoltaics Institute IPVF is approved by the government in the framework of the Institute of Excellence on Carbon Free Energies (IEED).


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