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Retour du Jeudi - 11/04/19

"Restoring vision in blind patients by a photovoltaic chup and optogenetic therapy", by Serge Picaud, Institut de la Vision, INSERM

Blindness can result from the loss of either photoreceptors in age-related macular degeneration or retinal ganglion cells in glaucoma. Following photoreceptor degeneration, electrical activation of residual retinal neurons can restore some visual function in blind patients. However, the perception provided by current retinal prostheses does not allow face recognition or autonomous motion in an unknown environment. To reach this level of perception, we have assessed a new photovoltaic retinal implant and optogenetic therapy. The talk will present these technologies to discuss potential developments.

Date : Jeudi 11 Avril, 13h30, amphi Becquerel