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How To Make Your Application Stand Out ? 


Whether you wish to choose a masters, an internship or a gap year,the question now is how can you make your application stand out among so many qualified applicants.

Come to this workshop to learn how to make a good pitch and how to highlight a significant achievement, in line with your project (internship, gap year or masters).

These two exercises will help you when preparing written materials (cover letters, SOP and résumé) and during interviews to  'sell' yourself and your project.

To take part in this workshop, you will have to do the following homework :  

- prepare a 2 minute talk about yourself and your project

- choose and prepare the most significant achievement for your chosen project (masters, gap year or internship). You will a have to present it in 2 minutes during the workshop

- write a description of the masters or the internship position you want to apply for. (eg : information about the main characteristics of the university, courses, name of the masters, activities of the company) 

To do this homework, please follow the instructions and advice in the following handbook : 

p22 (pitch) https://gargantua.polytechnique.fr/siatel-web/linkto/mICYYYTG34YK

p71 (achievement) https://gargantua.polytechnique.fr/siatel-web/linkto/mICYYYTG4YS


May 16th 5.30 p.m. - PC 66, 64 and 65 12 seats available: To attend please register here

May 21st 5.30 p.m. - PC 19, 40 and 41 18 seats available: To attend please register here

May 27th 4.30 p.m. - PC 102, 103 and 106  18 seats available: To attend please register here


On the day of the workshop, come to the first room given here and you will be dispatched in your groups and rooms.  

This worshop is organised by the Career Center. For any questions, please contact Papianille MURA. <span id="OBJ_PREFIX_DWT1140_ZmEmailObjectHandler">Nous contacter</span>