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Year 4/M2/GD2 end-of-study internships

The education of the polytechnic cycle as of the master cycle ends, in the vast majority of cases, with an end of studies project. This project consists of an internship concluded by writing a detailed report and a defense at the Ecole Polytechnique. The internship has a main double function: to allow the realization of a substantial project, of strong conceptual, scientific or technological content, complementing the capacity of appropriation of a problem and the conceptual autonomy acquired by the student at the end of the cycle. by training, constitute a “life-size” experience at the engineer or young researcher level which prepares the future graduate for optimal integration into professional life, whether or not it takes place in the organization of first employment.

If the end of studies project must mark a significant progression compared to the research internship (end of 3rd year engineer / end of 1st year of master), the precise specifications of the project depend on the type of training followed.

For a master's, it is most often a research internship, whether fundamental, finalized or applied, in an industrial or institutional laboratory, which must validate either the ability of the future graduate to pursue a doctoral thesis, or his theoretical and operational maturity on projects such as that led by a young graduate, intended to quickly take a high-level position of responsibility, in a company or in a public establishment.

For an engineer-type specialization, the main objectives of the internship are to finalize scientific and technical training by putting the acquired skills into practice, to confront current issues close to those encountered by a young graduate engineer, to deepen his knowledge and analysis of modes of operation and organization of employment organizations.

The end-of-study project proposals come either from external companies and laboratories, or from teachers in the School's departments or from partner establishments.