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Year 3/M1/GD1 - research internship

The research internship takes place between the end of March and the end of August and lasts at least 16 weeks. It must be centered on solving a problem using a scientific approach. The proposed problem must be broad enough for the solution to involve the exploration of several research avenues that must be compared through a critical approach. The internship must therefore include an introduction to dealing with the specific uncertainties of the particular scientific approach: evaluating the results of your own work, identifying dead ends, seizing opportunities and redefining your objectives and strategy.

Step 1
Fill in the information concerning your internship request, then print your “Internship Project File”. Have it signed for approval by your internship supervisor. You must then submit it to the Internship Office by the first Friday in December at the latest. If you are doing a co-supervised internship, you must have your internship subject approved in keeping with your desired training for Year 4 (French specialist applied schools (écoles d’application) that require co-supervised internships are listed in the internship catalogue).

Step 2
Fill out and print the “Internship Project File”, have it signed by your internship supervisor and submit it to the Internship Office by the first Friday in December.

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You can access research internship reports (excluding confidential reports) for previous years via your account.