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2020 apprenticeship tax

Dear contributor,

French companies must pay the apprenticeship tax before May 31, 2020. They can allocate part of this tax to establishments of their choice.
The situation we face is completely new, and we understand the concerns that could be yours. We would like to assure you of the support of the entire polytechnic community, and to remind you that your loyal commitment to the École Polytechnique ecosystem is essential.
By choosing to pay your apprenticeship tax to the École Polytechnique, you will participate in the recovery of the country through the implementation of joint projects, looking to the future. Let us reflect together on concrete measures and actions to best meet the future needs of the job market and to facilitate the professional integration of our future engineers.
The implementation of the Professional Future Act has changed the method of payment of the apprenticeship tax. 13% can be paid directly to the Ecole Polytechnique, without going through an intermediary.

We provide you with an online tool for calculating and paying the tax:


Be thanked in advance!

For all your questions on the apprenticeship tax and partnership commitments, contact us:
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