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From a promotion close to the N + 10 promotion, your mentor will be by your side to enlighten you and help you identify career paths.

Coordinated by AX and SOIE, this mentoring program calls for mutual help within the polytechnic community, whose richness lies in the variety and quality of professional experiences.

  •  Who is mentoring for?

  •  The X Mentorship Program?

  •  What are the benefits of mentoring?

  •  Mentoring charter


Who is mentoring for?

Do you feel the need to give substance to your still embryonic project?
Do you feel like you are scattered in your choices?
Do you want to pursue a career in a sector, but you do not really know the opportunities?

Mentoring is for you, X19 students, who ask you questions about your academic and professional future and who want to devote time to build a project that makes sense, while being supported and accompanied by an elder.


The X Mentorship Program?

A binomial (or trinomial depending on the number of mentors available) is made up of the AX and the SOIE, according to your expectations, the profile of the mentors, and aiming for a certain proximity between generations (an X will thus be mentored by an elder close to promotion N + 10).

The mentoring system is spread over a period of 12 months, until the 4A orientation decision taken in 3A, from the beginning of November in 2A and in November of the following year.


What are the benefits of mentoring?

Engaging in a quality mentoring relationship allows:

  •  Register and validate your choices of 3A and 4A in a professional project
  •  To demystify the corporate world
  •  Expand your network of contacts
  •  To invest already in the polytechnic community
  •  Benefit from the benevolent and non-complacent look of a professional
  •  To know the challenges of a sector, a company, a position ...

Please note: even if mentoring is a way to expand your network, you should not see it as a springboard to get an internship at the risk of distorting this privileged relationship.


X mentoring charter (signature required for all members of the program)


On February 05, 2019, mentors and mentees of the 2017 vintage met during a speed-dating to exchange, in a friendly and professional atmosphere, on each other's projects (professional, academic, personal projects, 2A internships, etc.) .

                                                                        (Click on the image to see the video)



This mentoring program is carried out by the Association des ancien X and the SOIE.

For any question or additional information (on the system, the modalities of participation in the program, etc.), you can contact Papianille MURA, guidance officer (SOIE).