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Career observatory


Get to know yourself :

    •  Discover your personality type with the MBTI

    •  Detect your talents

Develop your professional capacities :

    •  Prepare your company visit

    •  Internship search techniques

    •  Reinforce your Master application

    •  What meaning should I give to my project? (Amphitheater retransmission)

    •  Write an impactful SOP (Amphitheater retransmission of 23/09/2020)

Understand how to use network :

    •  Make a good use of the AX network

    •  How to network ?




The digital transformation professions:

Business interviews :

Bruno CARREEL - Technical Director at Sensome

Pierre-Olav LEGO - Business manager and Climate engineering expert at Vinci Énergies

Laurent STEFANI - Executive Director at Accenture

Yann GUILLEMOT - Development manager at Cartier

Jean-Baptiste BERNAUDIN - System Engineer at Airbus

Hélène LASSAUX - Business Strategy Manager at Accenture

Internships interviews :

Victoire DE CHABALIER - Double master steudent Data Science for Business and intern at Quantmetry

Erika DAL MONTE - STEEM master student and intern at ENGIE

Matteo GIORDANO - STEEM Master student and Energy Engineer intern at Engie and EDF

Edoardo DI VIRGILIO - STEEM master student and Efficiency project manager intern at Vinci Énergies


Environmental profesions :

Business interviews:

Jordi BADOSA - Ingineer at the École polytechnique, actor in the E4C proect

Philippe DROBINSKI - Research director of the Meteorology Laboratory of the École polytechnique, teacher and Director of the E4C center

Antoine GONTHIER - Individual entrepreneur in consulting for sustainable development

Hélène LE TENO - Ingénieur Bridge Engineer, Director of the. ecological transition sector - SOS Group

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Jean-Christophe BUREAU - Professor at AgroParistech, Head of the Paris-Saclay Environmental Economics Master and researcher at INRA

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