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Careers guidance and professional integration activities

eXplore your Future (with us) !

Transitioning to the working world can be both challenging and intimidating. eXplore Your Future was created in 2018 and is a unique career guidance program organized by Ecole Polytechnique Career & Development Center and the Master of Science & Technology Program.

It is meant not only to help students find the internship or job that fits them the most but also give them all the necessary tools they need to prepare successfully for life after École Polytechnique.

It is based on :
  •   A step-by-step methodoly
  •   Your personal motivations and career plans
  •   A good understand of job market and recruiters’expectations


More explanations in video here.


If you want to participate to eXplore your Future, please fill out the questionnaire and submit it before September 16. By September 21, you will receive an email with the workshop schedule from september to november and the group you are in.

 From September to December, various activities are offered by professional experts:

  •   4 thematic workshops (once a month): How to target your internship ? ; How to network ? ; How to make your résumé stand out ? ; How to pitch your project ? ; On Thursday afternoons, generally to 4pm or 4:30 to 6:30pm depending on the group you are in,
  •   On campus recruiting event "Company Day" organized for MSc&T students,
  •   Conferences,
  •   Individual coaching sessions (for those who will have regularly attended the workshops).

Workshop 1 will start on September 24. Remember, attending all 4 workshops is important to progress and be fully prepared for job interviews.

The X-Forum or École polytechnique Career Fair (over 160 companies and 2.000 students) should take place in january 2021. To be confirmed depending on the sanitary crisis.


eXplore your Future provides ressources and practical material

  •   A Career Guidance Handbook full of practical tips and advice on how to define your project, on how to find a job/internship
  •   A Career Observatory ("Observatoire des métiers") providing information on the development of sectors, professions and skills
  •   CaseCoach plateform for case interview, providing best-in-class expertise


A connection with the alumni of the School through Mentoring

Transitioning Mentoring, espsecially for second-year students to accompagny them in their search for a second year internship and in their search for their first job. A duo is made up of the Alumni Association (AX) and the Career center, according to your expectations, the profile of mentors, and aiming for a certain closeness. between generations. Your mentor will be by your side to enlighten you and help you identify career paths.

Coordinated by the AX and the Career Center, this mentoring program involves helping each other in the polytechnic community, whose richness lies in the variety and quality of professionnal experiences.



Testimonial video - Edoardo D.V STEEM (click here to see the video)

"Mentoring very useful. Advice on working methodologies, on the prospects of evolution and connection. Vision on the labour market and sector issues. Reflection on career motivations."

"Very enthusiastic mentors, full of attention. Very nice humain experience. Adjustement of the pair well done."

"I really liked the concept of eXplore Your Futur. The program helped me both personnaly and professionally. But something that I enjoyed more than these programs are the industrial conferences. For eg: The one with Mr. Xavier LITRICO (SUEZ). Meeting with such influential people from relevant companies really helped me finding my internship and boosting my confidence." - Harsh A. ECOSEM 1

"Thank you for organizing this program. It was really useful for me, since I was hesitating to making network and I was shy for starting a conversation with a professionnal person. For finding an internship, it helped me indirectly by how to write emails to persons and this thing. But honeslty, I think it would be more useful for us if we had finished our workshops by end of December." - Maziar S. STEEM 1

"It did help me with my CV and I did get to know how to communicate with the recruiters. The professor in the class actually provide us with numerous methods to get internships." - Jingman Y. IoT 1


Further information, please contact Papianille MURA or Anne CHRÉTIEN, Head of the Graduate Program.