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Careers guidance and professional integration activities

The Career Center (SOIE) is aware that you are at an important crossroads in your career and wants to support you in building your academic and professional career plan.
An essential step in this process is to reflect on your aspirations so as not to limit yourself to your academic skills alone. In addition to your tastes and values, which will form the basis of your decisions, you will reflect on your practical and interpersonal skills in order to create a coherent project, that is a project that is meaningful, exciting and achievable.  
Your degree, while important and recognized, is not enough to meet employers’ expectations. As well as academic skills, they seek especially to confirm your motivation for their company and to get to know your personality.  During the recruitment process, they expect you to present an overall career plan that will bring their company real added value.
This year, in order to support you in developing your project, SOIE proposes the following activities:
  • Individual careers interviews
  • Group careers interviews
  • A careers handbook
  • Information sessions
  • Group workshops (e.g. Personal Statement/Year 4, internship search techniques, negotiating your salary)
  • Mentoring