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Track 9.1 - Marketing and Innovation

Aurélie HEMONNET, Aix Marseille University, IAE

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Innovation is a major issue in companies and more broadly organizations, all the more as the failure rates of new products and services remain structurally important. Traditional marketing techniques often prove to be ineffective for the design and diffusion of truly innovative offers, hence the need for a real "innovation marketing". In this context, this track seeks to gather contributions on concepts and methods that would help organizations to better understand and overcome this difficulty. Topics that can be addressed include :

- Role of the marketing function in organizations for the design of innovative offers, in relation with other functions (R & D, design, production, sales ...)
- Design of user innovation according to their profiles (lead-users, late adopters,…) and the method (co-creation, innovation contests, crowdsourcing).
- Adoption of innovations by customers and users: consumer behavior in the face of innovations, learning difficulties, perceived value and risk of innovation.
- Diffusion of innovations: diffusion model, sales forecast, role of opinion leaders, ...
- Launch strategy: orchestration of the launch in time, role of the distribution, pace of launch of the various innovations, ...
- Role of brands in innovation: strategic role in innovation, role in the launch and adoption of innovation, influence on the perception and attitude of customers to innovation, ...
These themes are of course not exhaustive, and other contributions relating marketing themes to that of innovation will be considered.