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Track 8.6 - Inclusive Innovation

Estelle PEYRARD, PhD Student, i3 CRG, Ecole Polytechnique
Theo PAPAIOANNOU, Prof., Director, Innogen Institure, Development Policy and Practice (DPP)

Track's Contact : 



Innovation has always been considered as a path towards progress and a great opportunity for society at large. However, technology often leaves aside certain groups of people: for instance those who do not have sufficient knowledge to understand it, those who do not have enough financial means to afford it, and those who lack the physical ability to use it. In an increasingly technological world, the risk of widening the gap between those who benefit from technology and those who are excluded from it is real. Although innovation has been arguably increasingly open, the needs of people in those excluded groups are often forgotten.

Consequently, this special track calls for papers that will investigate the following questions:

- How can we enable innovation for people with disabilities, on low incomes, with long-term illnesses, of older age, ... ?
- How can we foster awareness of their specific needs ?
- What specific methodologies are required to understand and communicate those needs ?

More generally, this track welcomes contributions related to inclusive innovation, innovation with (and for) people with disabilities and health issues, minority and less advantaged groups.


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