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Track 8.2 - From Open Innovation to Business-to-Business, new roles and methods for Purchasing

Marie-Anne LE DAIN, Associate Professor, Grenoble INP Industrial Engineering and Management – G-SCOP Lab
Romaric SERVAJEAN - HILST, Associate Researcher, CRG-I3 Ecole polytechnique

Track's Contacts : 


The new OI landscape is progressively changing the nature of BtoB relationship. In large firms the focus on startups challenges the way suppliers are viewed. Or they are not considered as innovative – the role being devolve to start-ups – or interest in start-ups spills over into innovative suppliers, and they are differently considered. In order to address such challenge, news ways for managing BtoB relationship are explored. While the Open Innovation managers functions has been created (Vanhaverbeke, Cheng, & Chesbrough, 2017), the traditional Purchasing function is being transformed by such a new landscape (Mikkelsen & Johnsen, 2018; Servajean-Hilst & Calvi, 2018).
Research on OI in BtoBo context (B2B OI) has recently received a growing interest (Najafi-Tavani et al., 2018; West, Salter, Vanhaverbeke, & Chesbrough, 2014). It is mainly focusing on the firm level and/or at the OI project level, with limited view to what happens beyond their boundaries. While literature on organizational ambidexterity underlined the necessity, and difficulties, to manage both explorative and exploitative activities. The consideration of the future exploitation of OI activities in B-to-B context requires new ways of managing the interactions, before, during and after the OI project.

In this track we are inviting papers on : 

• Open innovation: implications for purchasing and supply management
• ESI in innovation
• Managing innovation in supply networks
• Developing purchasing ambidexterity
• Developing purchasing absorptive capacity
• Developing absorptive capacity in supply networks for innovation
• Innovation public procurement
• Purchasing and Product-Service System Innovation
• Purchasing and digital servitization
• Purchasing skills in NPD and innovation