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Track 5.1 - Open Innovation in Emerging Countries and Social Entrepreneurship

Beatrice ORLANDO, Adjunct Professor of Corporate Strategy, Sapienza University of Rome
Manlio DEL GIUDICE, Editor in Chief of The Journal of Knowledge Management, Full Professor of Management and Innovation and Vice Provost of the Faculty - Link University Rome
Alessandro DE NISCO, Full Professor of Marketing and Dean of the Faculty, UNINT - Rome
Veronica SCUOTTO, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Turin

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One of the biggest challenge for Emerging Countries is to foster development via both innovation and entrepreneurship. A form of entrepreneurship which is currently under the scholars' radar is the social entrepreneurship, which peculiarity is the pursuit of a social benefit. Apparently, though, few scholars have addressed how open innovation interplays with social entrepreneurship so far. However, open innovation could largely contribute to foster innovativeness of social start ups, especially in Emerging countries. The combination of the two topics posits a relevant challenge for future scholars, who are called to answer to question such as: how does open innovation could be implemented in social start-ups? How they foster Innovativeness in emerging Countries? What are the antecedents of open innovation in social entrepreneurship?