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Track 4.3 - Structural Transformations: public-private innovation networks and social innovation in public services

Faridah DJELLAL, Prof., University of Lille, CNRS UMR 8019, 
Faïz GALLOUJ, Prof., University of Lille 

Track's Contact's : 


This track is part of a European project H2020 entitled "Understanding value co-creation in public services for transforming European public administrations". This track is devoted to a new network form that is developing within the New Public Governance paradigm, namely “Public Service Innovation Networks” (PSINs). PSINs are multi-agent collaborative arrangements that develop within public services (sectoral perspective) or within public service (functional perspective), spontaneously or at the instigation of (local, national or European) public policies. They mobilize a variable number of public and private agents, especially citizens, to co-produce innovations and ultimately contribute to value co-creation. This track aims to deepen the definition and description of PSINs, especially in comparison with other known network forms, and to examine in particular how PSINs are formed and function to co-create, more or less efficiently, value in public service (s) through innovation.