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Track 11.5 - Sustainable Development and transitions. Strategies, technological development, and policies.

Hervé DUMEZ, Pr, i3-CRG, Ecole Polytechnique
Sandra RENOU, i3-CRG,  Ph.D. Student, Ecole Polytechnique

Track's Contacts : 


Contemporary economies are engaged in multiple transitions, whose commonality is sustainable development, i.e. the concern to protect the environment and future generations. The purpose of this track is to shed light on the concept of transition in its empirical and theoretical dimensions by confronting the transition domains (energy, climate, mobility, digital, smart city, etc.) and the processes that articulate strategies of private actors, technological development and public policies.

The track will call for both conceptual (on the notions of transition, governance, process, dynamics, collective action) and empirical (case studies on energy, mobility, digital, etc.) contributions that deal but are not restricted to the following questions:
• Public / private interactions at global, national and territorial levels
• Consumer empowerment and its role in transition processes
• The articulation of individual and collective strategies and the role of governance in it
• The role of digital (blockchain, big data, smart grids, smart consumption, mobility, etc.) in all transitions in progress
• The role of instruments (economic incentives, nudge, regulation) and indicators in transitions