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Track 10.1 - The Future of R&D and Innovation

Sven SCHIMPF, Dr., Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research, 
James ANDREW, Prof., Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, 

Track's Contacts : 


Within the last decades, R&D and Innovation Management practices changed due to upcoming new challenges, societal developments and technological possibilities. R&D and innovation processes are nowadays are more effective, taking into account a wider range of developments in the environment of an organisation and more efficient than in previous generations of R&D and innovation management while dealing with a new level of complexity and the challenge of increasing convergences and cross-disciplinarity.

A key challenge however remains the early recognition of future developments and trends in R&D and Innovation Management. This track will address foresight activities dealing with the identification and/or analysis of next decade’s key topics in R&D and Innovation Management from an industrial and scientific perspective.