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Submission Guidelines

Applicants must have completed the initial comprehensive examination and coursework (or equivalent) of their doctoral program, and must have started their dissertation work. Note that preference will be given to those in the middle stages of their dissertation. 
The application deadline is 1st of March 2019. Decisions regarding these applications will be sent by 31st of March 2019.
The submission must include:
  • A 2000 words description of the dissertation project or an article in progress (excluding references from the words count). This submission is independent from the one you can have to the R&D conference.
  • CV with the year of enrolment and the expected finish date
  • A nomination letter from the advisor has to be uploaded has to be uploaded with the CV and the 2000 words description. It can be as well sent to phd-colloquium[AT]hec.fr
Guidelines for the description of the dissertation project or the article in progress:
The description starts with an abstract of 300 words that should focus on your own contribution, not on what the existing literature has said. A brief reviewing of the existing literature is helpful, but only to position your contribution in the context of that literature. 
The description must include headings for the following points: 1) briefly describe the existing state-of-the-art; 2) explain the research gap that you are trying to fill and pose a re-search question; 3) give your main theoretical arguments; 4) spell out your method (and data, if an empirical paper); and 5) present your (expected) results. 
To make the feedback sessions as effective as possible, all doctoral students admitted to the PhD Colloquium will be asked to prepare a more comprehensive description of their research (it can be an article in progress for example). This text (12-15 pages) has to be submitted by 30th of April 2019. In addition, the PhD students admitted have to be willing to read some of the other students’ descriptions before coming to the Colloquium.
Due to generous funding provided by RADMA, the R&D Management Association, and by HEC Paris, doctoral students admitted to the PhD Colloquium are not expected to pay any registration fee to attend the Colloquium, and campus accommodation, breakfast, lunch and diner will be provided (16th of June 8:00 PM to 19th of June 8:00 AM). PhD students remain responsible for covering their own travel costs. 
To apply for the Ph.D. Colloquium, please submit the required documents (2 pieces) by 1st of March 2019 using the following link: 
For all enquiries regarding the PhD colloquium, please email to phd-colloquium[AT]hec.fr