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The aim of the PLATINE project is to provide suitable procedures to tackle the nanoreliability question, by coupling the standard nano-electronics methods (imaging, characterization, modeling) to the mechanics-based reliability framework.


The core of PLATINE is an experimental platform enabling the application of multiphysics loadings (i.e., electrical, mechanical, thermal, environmental, ...) on nanodevices, while their electro-thermo-mechanical response is monitored at various scales. This platform is essential to pinpoint where and why failure occurs in the devices, as well as to assess systematically device lifetime. Jointly, the platform provides capabilities for ex-situ analyses of the micro and nanoscale mechanisms responsible for failure initiation. Additionally, the PLATINE plateform is crucial to provide relevant data for the development and the assessment of fatigue models and lifetime predictions tailored to the physics of nanodevices.


The project brings together interdisciplinary and complementary expertise from different research teams: one team from the field of mechanical reliability (LMS), one team specialized in nanoelectronics (LPICM) and one team specialized in civilian applications of nanosensors (LISIS at IFSTTAR Université Paris-Est).