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FLUIDICAM Rheo Viscosimeter

Fluidicam is designed for viscosity measurements of products with various consistency (liquids, gels or semi-solid emulsions...). It is based on optical acquisition of flow in a microfluidic chip. Strong confinement within the chip allows high shear rate analysis, small sample volume and fast temperature adjustments.

It allows measurement liquids in the following ranges:
- Viscocity: 0.1-200 000 cP
- Shear rate: 100-105 s-1
- Temperature: 4-80ºC
- Accuracy: 1%
- Repeatability: 1%
- Max particle size: 5 µm


A sample and a viscosity standard are pushed together through a microfluidic “Y-shaped” chip at controlled flow rates. Images of the resulting laminar co-flow are acquired via an integrated optical system and the position of the interface is measured. The interface position is related to the viscosity and the flow rate ratio between the sample and the reference. Using dedicated algorithms, sample viscosity is automatically xtracted as a function of shear rate and temperature thanks to an intuitive and automated software.