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The SPACIROC ASIC is designed for the JEM-EUSO observatory onboard of the
International Space Station (ISS). This 64 channels readout ASIC offers photon counting capability
and includes a charge to time (Q-to-T) converter. The main requirement for the photon counting is
to obtain a 100% trigger efficiency starting from 1/3 photoelectron (p.e.) with a 10 ns double pulse
resolution. As for the Q-to-T converter, the chip needs to deliver a linear measurement for the input
charges ranging from 10 p.e. to 1500 p.e. Moreover, the ASIC was designed to achieve low power
consumption (1mW/channel) and radiation tolerance, in compliance with the operating constraints
imposed by the ISS. 

SPACIROC at a glance

ASIC name : SPACIROC (Spatial Photomultiplier Array Counting and Integrating Chip)
Current available version : 1
Number of channel : 64
Polarity of input signal : negative(MAPMT anodes),positive(MAPMT dynode)
Detector read out :  MAPMT
noise : to be determinated
Gain : to be determinated
Max input signal : to be determinated

SPACIRoc features



PIN name

PIN type and direction

PIN description


Analogue input bus 

Charge sensitive analogue input to be connected to the detector


MAPMT Dynode Input

Dynode charge sensitive input


Photon triggered pulses

Outputs for each discriminator


Digital output signal

Digital outputs serial links


sPACIRoc capabilities


to be determinated

SPACIRoc characteristics

to be determinated

SPACIRoc in experiments

  1. JEM-EUSO : Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays observer onboard of the International Space Station
  2. UFFO - UBAT Pathfinder: Gamma-ray bursts observer. LOMONOV satellite.