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PETIROC is a 32-channel front-end ASIC designed to readout siliicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) with both polarities for particle time-of-flight measurement applications. PETIROC combines a very fast and low-jitter trigger with accurate charge and time measurements. Energy and time are digitized internally with a 10-bit ADC and 4ps-bin TDC.

The concept of the ASIC is to combine two measurement lines that won't interfere one with each other to measure both first incident photon timing measurement and whole crystal light charge integration.

An adjustment of the SiPM high voltage is possible using a channel-by-channel input DAC. It allows a fine SiPM gain and dark noise adjustment at the system level to correct for the non-uniformity of SiPMs.

The power consumption is 6 mW/channel, excluding buffers used to output the analogue signals. The main application of PETIROC 2 is PET time-of-flight prototyping but it can also be used for any application that requires both accurate time resolution and precise energy measurement.

PETIroc at a glance

ASIC name : PETIROC (Positon Emission Tomography Integrated ReadOut Chip)
Current available version : 2A
Number of channel : 32
Polarity of input signal : Negative, Positive
Detector read out : SIPM, MPPC, RPC, compliant with PM, MA-PM 
noise : To be determined
Gain : To be determined
Max input signal : 2500 photelectrons at min gain

PETIroc features


PIN name

PIN type and direction

PIN description


Analogue input bus (width=32)

Voltage sensitive analogue input to be connected to the detector


Multiplexed Analogue outputs

High Gain & Low Gain Charge output (respectively)


Digital output

32 Triggers outputs (direct triggers or latched ones)


Multiplexed digital output

Provides the trigger value of the 32 channels, sequentially


Digital output signal

Provides a logical OR of the 32 triggers, asynchronous signal


PETIROC capabilities

To be determined


PETIROC characteristics

Embed measurement and perf outlook here


PETIROC in experiments