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The 64 channel readout ASIC called MAROC for Multi Anode Read Out Chip is made in 0.35µm SiGe technology. It has been submitted in three successive versions. Its main requirements are a 100% trigger rate for signal greater than 1/3 photoelectron, a charge measurement up to 30 photoelectrons (~5pC) with a linearity of 2% or better and a crosstalk less than 1%.
For each one of the 64 channels, the PM signal is first amplified thanks to an 8 bit variable gain preamplifier which has low noise and low input impedance to minimise crosstalk. Then the amplified current feeds a slow shaper combined with two Sample and Hold capacitors: one to store the charge up to 5pC and a second one to measure the baseline as well as the maximum of the signal. The digital charge output is provided by a 8, 10 or 12 bit ADC Wilkinson. In parallel, 64 trigger outputs are obtained by one bipolar or unipolar fast (15 ns) shaper followed by one discriminator for the photon counting or can be provided by another bipolar fast shaper (with lower gain) followed by its discriminator to trig at higher input charge (more than 1pe). The discriminator thresholds are set by two internal 10 bit DACs.
Three versions of this chip have been realized: MAROC1 was the first prototype with 64 channels. The chip showed global good behavior despite a coupling problem through subtract which was introducing instability for gain greater than 1. MAROC2 which showed excellent performances on the photon counting aspect has been chosen to equip the ATLAS luminometer (~200 pieces). MAROC3 has been designed to fix bugs, improve charge measurement, dynamic range and global consumption. MAROC3 has been tested and showed performances in good agreement with the requirements

Maroc at a glance

ASIC name : MAROC (Multi-Anode PMT Read-Out Chip)
Current available version : 1 - 2 - 3
Number of channel : 64
Polarity of input signal : negative
Detector read out :  MA-PMT, PM, SiPM, MPPC 
noise : to be determinated
Gain : to be determinated
Max input signal : to be determinated

Maroc features


PIN name

PIN type and direction

PIN description


Analogue input bus (width=64)

Charge sensitive analogue input to be connected to the detector


Digital output bus (width=64)

Output bus providing of the channel trigger


Multiplexed analogue output

Provides the track and hold value of the channel selected by the read register. Can be daisy chained.


Digital output signal

Provides a logical OR of the 64 trigger, asynchronous signal

Maroc capabilities

to be determinated


Maroc characteristics

Embed measurement and perf outlook here


Maroc in experiments

Embed quick description of experiments and collaboration using skiroc here