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Towards a turbulent magnetic dynamo and Biermann battery platforms for ICF studies (K.A. Flippo - LANL, USA)

It is known through astronomical observations that most of the Universe is ionized, magnetized, and often turbulent and filled with jets. One theorized process to create strong magnetic fields and jets is the turbulent magnetic dynamo. The magnetic dynamo is a fundamental process in plasma physics, taking kinetic energy and converting it to magnetic energy and is very important to planetary physics and astrophysics. We report on recent Omega and Omega EP experiments to produce platform with a turbulent plume or “void” of magnetized material with which to study the turbulent magnetic dynamo process and Biermann battery. The laser interaction with the target can seed magnetic fields that can be advected into the plume and amplified to saturation by the turbulent magnetic dynamo process, we also have a platform to keep the laser magnetic fields from influencing the experiment. The experimentally measured plume and “void” characteristics are compared to hydro code calculations. Implications for ICF will also be discussed.