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Les publications sont classées par ordre alphabétique (1ier auteur). Seules les publications 2019 ont un lien vers le site de l'éditeur.

2018 (à compter de juin) - 2019

Experimental platform for the investigation of magnetized-reverse-shock dynamics in the context of POLAR
B. Albertazzi et al.
HPLSE 6, UNSP e43 (2018)
Ponderomotive and resonant effects in the acceleration of particles by electromagnetic modes
I. Almansa et al.
Phys. Plasmas 26, 033105 (2019)
Uphill acceleration in a spatially modulated electrostatic field particle accelerator
I. Almansa et al.
Phys. Plasmas 11, 113107 (2018)
Coupling between plasticity and phase transition in shock- and ramp-compressed single-crystal iron
N. Amadou et al.
Phys. Rev. B 98, 024104 (2018)
Adaptive SIMD optimizations in particle-in-cell codes with fine-grain particle sorting
A. Beck et al.
Comput. Phys. Commun. 244, 246 (2019)
Highly-collimated, high-charge and broadband MeV electron beams produced by magnetizing solids irradiated by high-intensity lasers
S. Bolaños et al.
Matter Radiat. Extremes 4, 044401 (2019)
Ab initio calculations of the B1-B2 phase transition in MgO
J. Bouchet et al.
Phys. Rev. B 99, 094113 (2019)
Collective Thomson scattering measurements of electron feature using stimulated Brillouin scattering in laser-produced plasmas
N. Boulouki et al.
HEDP 32, 82 (2019)
Extreme ultraviolet beam enhancement by relativistic surface plasmons
G. Cantono et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 264803 (2018)
Turbulent hydrodynamics experiments in high energy density plasmas: scientific case and preliminary results of the TurboHEDP project
A. Casner et al.
HPLSE 6, e44 (2018)
From ICF to laboratory astrophysics: ablative and classical Rayleigh-Taylor instability experiments in turbulent-like regimes
A. Casner et al.
Nuclear Fusion 59, 032002 (2019)
Special issue: Inertial Fusion State of the Art - a collection of overview and technical papers from IFSA2017
A. Casner and S. Jacquemot
Nuclear Fusion 59, 032001 (2019)
Experimental evidence for the enhanced and reduced stopping regimes for protons propagating through hot plasmas
S. Chen et al.
Sci. Reports 8, 14586 (2018)
Extreme brightness laser-based neutron pulses as a pathway for investigating nucleosynthesis in the laboratory
S. Chen et al.
Matter Radiat. Extremes 4, 054402 (2019)
High-resolution spectroscopic study of hot electron induced copper M-shell charge states emission from laser produced plasmas
F.P. Condamine et al.
HEDP 32, 89 (2019)
X-ray spectroscopy based diagnostic of gigagauss magnetic fields during relativistic laser-plasma interactions
E. Dalimier and E. Oks
Atoms 6, 60 (2018)
Mini-review of intra-Stark x-ray spectroscopy of relativistic laser-plasma interactions
E. Dalimier et al.
Atoms 6, 45 (2018)
Petawatt and exawatt class lasers worldwide
C. Danson et al.
HPLSE 7, e54 (2019)
Picosecond x-ray radiography of microjets expanding from laser shock-loaded grooves
T. de Resseguier et al.
J. Appl. Phys. 124, 065106 (2018)
Two-channel high-resolution quasi-monochromatic X-ray imager for Al and Ti plasma
A. Do et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 89, 113702 (2018)
Characterization of a two-channel, high-resolution hard x-ray microscope using Fresnel zone plates for laser-plasma experiments
A. Do et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 89, 10G122 (2018)
Simultaneous X-ray and XUV absorption measurements in nickel laser-produced plasma close to LTE
M. Dozieres et al.
HEDP 31, 83 (2019)
Advanced high resolution x-ray diagnostic for HEDP experiments
A. Faenov et al.
Sci. Reports 8, 16407 (2018)
Multidisciplinary constraints on the Abundance of Diamond and Eclogite in the Cratonic Lithosphere
J. Garber et al.
Geochem. Geophys. Geosystems 19, 2062 (2018)
Thermally-induced-anisotropy issues in oriented cubic laser crystals, the cryogenically cooled Yb:CaF2 case
K. Genevrier et al.
Appl. Phys. B 124, 209 (2018)
Signatures of fluid and kinetic properties in the energy distributions of multicharged Ta ions from nanosecond-laser-heated plasma
F. Gobet et al.
Phys. Rev. E 98, 063202 (2018)
Characterizing equation of state and optical properties of dynmanically pre-compressed materials
M. Guarguaglini et al.
Phys. Plasmas 26, 042704 (2019)
Laser-driven shock compression of "synthetic planetary mixtures" of water, ethanol and ammonia
M. Guarguaglini et al.
Sci. Reports 9, 10155 (2019)
DNA DSB repair dynamics following irradiation with laser-driven protons at ultra-high dose rates
F. Hantonl et al.
Sci. Reports 9, 4471 (2019)
Evidence for crystalline structure in dynamically-compressed polyethylene up to 200 GPa
N.J. Hartley et al.
Sci. Reports 9, 4196 (2019)
Development of gas jet targets for laser-plasma experiments at near-critical density
J.L. Henares et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 063302 (2019)
Electromagnetic simulations of solar radio emissions
P. Henri et al.
JGR Space Physics. 124, 1475 (2019)
Laboratory investigation of particle acceleration and magnetic field compression in collisionless colliding fast plasma flows
D.P. Higginson et al.
Communications Physics 2, 1 (2019)
Characterizing the ionization potential depression in dense carbon plasmas with high-precision spectrally resolved x-ray scattering
D. Kraus et al.
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 61, 014015 (2019)
Alignment of solid targets under extreme tight focus conditions generated by an ellipsoidal plasma mirror
D. Kumar et al.
Matter Radiat. Extremes 4, 024402 (2019)
Magnetic reconnection driven by electron dynamics
Y. Kuramitsu et al.
Nature Commun. 9, 5109 (2018)
Comparison of dimensionless parameters in astrophysical MHD systems and in laboratory experiments
E. Kurbatov et al.
Astronomy Reports 62, 483 (2018)
Collisionless shocks driven by supersonic plasma flows with self-generated magnetic fields
C.K. Li et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 055002 (2019)
An analytical plasma screening potential based on the self-consistent-field ion-sphere model
X. Li et al.
Phys. Plasmas 26, 033301 (2019)
Laboratory study of stationary accretion shock relevant to astrophysical systems
P. Mabey et al.
Sci. Reports 9, 8157 (2019)
Characterization of high spatial resolution lithium fluoride X-ray detectors
P. Mabey et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 063702 (2019)
Setup for meV-resolution inelastic X-ray scattering measurements and X-ray diffraction at the Matter in Extreme Conditions endstation at the Linac Coherent Light Source
E. McBride et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 89, 10F104 & 129901 (2018)
Momentum absorption and magnetic field generation by obliquely incident light
A. Macchi et al.
EPJP 134, 420 (2019)
Absolute calibration of microchannel plate detector for carbon ions up to 250 MeV
A. McIlvenny et al.
J. Instrumentation 14, C04002 (2019)
Space-charge and thermal effects in relativistic crossed-field devices
S. Marini et al.
Phys. Plasmas 25, 063111(2018)
Joule-level high-efficiency energy transfer to subpicosecond laser pulses by a plasma-based amplifier
J.-R. Marquès et al.
Phys. Rev. X 9, 021008 (2019)
Transition from nonlocal electron transport to radiative regime in an expanding blast wave
A. Marocchino et al.
Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 264104 (2018)
A new energy spectrum reconstruction method for Time-Of-Flight diagnostics of high-energy laser-driven protons
G. Milluzzo et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 083303 (2019)
Liquid properties in the Fe-FeS system under moderate pressure: tool box for model small planetary cores
G. Morard et al.
Am. Mineralogist 103, 1770 (2018)
From quantum to classical modeling of radiation reaction: a focus on the radiation spectrum
F. Niel et al.
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 60, 094002 (2018)
Effects of ultraintense magnetic fields due to relativistic aser-plasma interactions on Langmuir-wave-caused dips in x-ray spectral line profiles
E. Oks, E. Dalimier and P. Angelo
Spectrochimica Acta B 157, 1 (2019)
Innovative Education and Training in high power laser plasmas (PowerLaPs) for plasma physics, high power laser-matter interactions and high energy density physics - theory and experiments
J. Pasley et al.
HPLSE 7, e23 (2019)
Oblique-incidence, arbitrary-profile wave injection for electromagnetic simulations
F. Perez and M. Grech
Phys. Rev. E 99, 033307 (2019)
Development of new diagnostics based on LiF detector for pump-probe experiments
T. Pikuz et al.
Matter & Radiation at Extremes 3, 197 (2018)
Proton acceleration by collisionless shocks using a supersonic H2 gas-jet target and high-power infrared laser pulses
P. Puyuelo-Valdes et al.
Phys. Plasmas 26, 123109 (2019)
Challenges of x-ray spectroscopy in investigations of matter under extreme conditions
O. Renner and F.B. Rosmej
Matter Radiat. Extremes 4, 024201 (2019)
Rayleigh-Taylor instability experiments on the LULI2000 laser in scaled conditions for young supernova remnants
G. Rigon et al.
Phys. Rev. E 100, 021201 (2019)
Dynamics of the electromagnetic fields induced by fast electron propagation in near-solid-density media
L. Romagnani et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 025001 (2019)
Scattering of ultrashort laser pulses on 'ion-sphere" in dense plasmas
F. Rosmej et al.
Contrib. Plasma Physics 59, 189 (2019)
Characterization of suprathermal electrons inside a laser accelerated plasma via highly-resolved Kα-emission
M. Smid et al.
Nature Commun. 10, 4212 (2019)
Maser radiation from collisionless shocks: application to astrophysical jets
D.C. Speirs et al.
HPLSE 7, e17 (2019)
The response function of Fujifilm BAS-TR imaging plates to laser-accelerated titanium ions
J. Strehlow et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 083302 (2019)
Scintillators in high-power laser-driven experiments
M. Tarisien et al.
IEEE Trans. Nucl. Science 65, 2216 (2018)
X-ray backlighter requirements for refraction-based electron density diagnostics through Talbot-Lau deflectometry
M. Valdivia et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 89, 10G217 (2018)
General features of experiments on the dynamics of laser-driven electron-positron beams
J. Warwick et al.
Nucl Instrum. & Meth. Phys. Res. A 909, 95 (2018)
Supersonic plasma turbulence in the laboratory
T.G. White et al.
Nature Commun. 10, 1758 (2019)