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LULI2000 - X and XUV absorption-spectroscopy measurements of characterized medium-Z plasmas (S. BASTIANI)

We propose photo-absorption experiments in homogenous radiatively-driven dense plasmas in conditions relevant to inertial confinement fusion and stellar physics. In the proposed experimental scheme, a thin plastic-tamped foil is heated symmetrically on both sides by the radiations emitted by two gold cavities. The latter are irradiated by two nanosecond beams of the LULI-2000 facility. A broadband radiography is performed in two different spectral ranges simultaneously. The plasma is probed in the X and XUV ranges by the emission of a backlighter produced by a third laser beam of LULI-2000. We measure simultaneously the reference and attenuated radiations by using four spectrometers. In the XUV range, a time-resolved signal (streak camera) is essential in order to discriminate the background emission from the opacity measurement. The density of the plasma is inferred from a side-on X-ray radiography of the plasma and the electron temperature from the Kshell lines of a light element (Al or Mg). Changing the carbon tamper thickness allows one to study the heated plasma at several matter density conditions.

LULI2000 - S44-S45-S46/2020